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Incredible Transformations of 2018

Client 1

“I started with Arise in March, 2018. I was looking for a program to help me reach some goals that for the previous 6-8 months I felt like I was making zero progress towards despite exercising and eating what I thought was healthy. What I learned very quickly is that you must feed muscle to make muscle– quite the wake up call for me! Katherine began feeding me more and I felt amazing! In 3 weeks I doubled the weight I was working with in the gym. Since then I have gained muscle and have now been able to shed the extra fat. I can honestly say I feel healthier physically and mentally now than I ever have- I attribute this directly to eating exactly the right thing at the right time, and training hard. Katherine has been an amazing accountability partner and I am forever grateful for her!”

Client 2

“I joined the Arise family in March of 2018. 9 Months later, I am down over 50lbs and countless inches. Kat’s knowledge in Macro Nutrition, Weight Training and ability to listen is truly exceptional. I trust her and her plan 100%. I never thought eating more food would result in reshaping my body, but it did. I have a pretty busy lifestyle and she was able to customize my meals and workouts around it. Through the Arise App, Kat was always there to answer any question at any time and hold me accountable. Her “No Excuse” mentality kept pushing me to achieve my best. As long as you are willing to follow her advice and the plan she gives, there is no reason you cannot be successful in hitting your goals. The Arise Plan will definitely change your lifestyle for the better!!”

Client 3

“My relationship to food has changed. I’m fine saying no to certain foods because they don’t fit on my meal plan or waiting to have them during my cheat meal day. I know what foods work with my body and which ones don’t and I’m willing to make adjustments based on making my body feel good instead of feeding my emotions.”

“I take responsibility for my choices. If I decide to eat 100% on plan I am owning staying committed to my goals. When I eat off plan or eat then I’m owning the effects it has on my fitness goals. I don’t apologize for my eating habits. My food choices are what I have to do in order to accomplish my goals.”

“My workouts are priority. I have to confess that I hate starting a new workout plan every month because I hate change. I am fascinated by seeing myself get stronger in the gym. I remember when 10lbs seemed like so much weight and now I’m benching with 35lbs.”

“My confidence has really grown. I went to a conference in January and I was speaking in front of a room of about 300 people when I realized that I wasn’t self conscious about my body or the way my clothes looked. The dress I wore for my graduation was made to my measurements and I picked it up on Monday. By Thursday it was slightly too big and my seamstress and I are thinking of taking it in again for the 4th time. I would have never worn a strapless dress a year ago, but these shoulders is looking right so Ima have them out!”

Client 4

This photo says it all! Arise Fitness client, Carrie McKinney made a commitment to her health in November 2017 and hasn’t looked back! In November 2017 Carrie decided to reclaim her health. She stopped making excuses. She stopped putting herself last. She stopped worrying about what others in the gym thought. She committed to her health. She committed to loving herself. She committed to trusting the process. Now look where she is! In November 2017 she began working with a trainer for one-on-one training. She joined Arise in March of 2018. She dropped 14 pounds from Nov-March and has now dropped 25 more pounds for a total of 39 pounds GONE. She has worked hard. She has been disciplined even when she didn’t feel like it. She has learned what healthy living means to her and continues to make healthy choices daily. There are times when it has been a huge struggle for her and then there are times that make all the struggling worth it! She has proven to be more than a conqueror! If I could say one thing that has helped her along the way it would be her communication with her Arise. She has been honest with us and herself. She has asked for help when she needed it. She has laid it all out for us so we know exactly what is going on, thus we can make informed decisions each step of the way. Communication with your coach is critical to your success! Keep working hard Carrie! The best is yet to come!

Client 5 – Testimony Only, image to come at later date

“I have been on the Arise Fitness program for 3 months now. I had gained so much weight over the last couple of years and just felt really unhealthy.  With the help of Katherine and Catie, I have finally got myself on the right track. I have lost close to 40 pounds, and feel so much better and healthier! I love the meal plans, and I have made myself stick to them strictly, and the results definitely show up!! Catie checks in on me every week and I hold myself accountable!! I am extremely excited to see where I’ll be at the end of 12 months!! Thanks Katherine and Catie for holding me accountable and getting me back healthy!!”

Client 6

This client has lost over 70 inches total off her body and down almost 50 pounds! She is unstoppable!!!!

Client 7

The photo on the left was December 30, 2016. The photo on the left was taken yesterday, December 11, 2018. Rhonda came to Arise with a background in CrossFit, She enjoyed training and she enjoyed training hard. However, she was not gaining the muscle she desired with that type of training. We like to say she was “starving to death”, literally and figuratively. She felt she was always hungry and that feeling never would subside. She wanted to understand nutrition, how to fuel her body, and the impact nutrition had on her training abilities and her desire to achieve the physique she so desperately wanted! We got her started with a custom meal plan and a comprehensive training program that fit her needs. She told me she realized the very first month that her age was not the obstacle keeping her from reaching her goals. And she was correct! Since December 2016 Rhonda has increased her strength in countless ways, gained muscle, lost body fat, and she even competed in an NPC Bikini Competition in August 2017. She has created new habits through her consistency and, as you can tell, has completely transformed! Her entire backside, including her hard to grow glutes!

Client 8

This gal is consistent! She came to us in July with a desire to learn how to fuel her body, a goal of running a 1/2 marathon in a specific time, and to get leaner! She is well on her way to reaching those goals. Arise Fitness creates her meal plan and training program while checking-in with her and providing accountability through our Arise App. Through this program she has gained more energy and set two PR’s on her 5k and 10k run times, which is phenomenal in itself because we do not have running programmed on her training program. We actually backed way off her running and the results speak for themselves. She is strength training daily and eating the right foods at the right times. She is eating more than ever and losing body fat! It’s a beautiful thing to watch! She is down almost 15 inches total and 14 pounds of fat! Photo on the left was taken in July 2018. Photo in middle was taken in October 2018. Photo on far right taken in December 2018.

Client 9

Will joined Arise in March 2018 and is down over 70 pounds now!

Client 10