The Time to


fitness program

Watch the video below to learn what a broken metabolism is and how to overcome it to lose weight permanently now...

The Time to


fitness program

Watch the video below to learn what a broken metabolism is and how to overcome it to lose weight permanently now...

It All started with...

Peanut Butter War paint!

The year was 2008 I was living in a two-bed college dorm room at University of Georgia (go DAWGS) with my girlfriend Lindsey.

The floor of our dorm was littered with magazines like Oxygen, Women’s Health, and Shape that I would flip through for fun most every day after my classes.

Our college colors (red and black) spilled across most of our room from our bedding to our curtains giving us a mega dose of school spirit every time we stepped through our door.

A stack of shoes (mostly gym tennis shoes) threatened to spill out of my closet every time I opened it to get dressed and head off to my classes.

And then there was me…

A smiling, brown haired, brown eyed girl that you would never guess was hiding constant hunger pains under the surface.

Katherine Gonzalez

CEO Arise Fitness

When I look back at my college years,

I don’t remember many days where I wasn’t starving thanks to my roommate and I’s "peanut butter pact”

I know “peanut butter pact” sounds like some ridiculous cult ritual lol, but before you make your judgments…let me explain.

The first time we created the “peanut butter pact” was on a weekend night in our dorm room as we pinched the extra skin on our bellies exclaiming in the mirror that, “we looked fat”.

This wasn’t really true, but the only thing we had to compare ourselves to were the photoshopped models on the front of the magazines we read most every night.

We were brainwashed...

The photoshopped smooth skin, tight bellies, and toned legs of the magazine cover models...

They were burned into our minds as something we wanted to achieve, but could never quite live up to.

That didn’t stop us from trying though…

Every bit of fat we found on our bellies, thighs, or butts was met with disgust and self loathing from ourselves.

So, one fateful night when we were particularly angry and embarrassed by finding a tiny extra scrap of fat on our bodies, we made a promise to hold each other accountable to losing our extra fat.

Just like that

the peanut butter pact was born

Our agreement was simple…

7 days a week of cardio

Avoid fat, sugar, and carbs

ZERO peanut butter allowed

7 days a week of cardio

Avoid fat, sugar, and carbs

ZERO peanut butter allowed

This was a big deal for us

Peanut butter was our FAVORITE food

Before we made our pact, it wasn’t uncommon to find Lindsey and I scooping peanut butter straight out of the jar with our fingers as we chatted late into the night about whatever was on our minds.

I didn’t know it yet…but this “peanut butter pact” with my roommate would set me up for:

Years of poor health…

Massive mood swings…

And an overwhelming sense of unworthiness that would almost steal my life away from me…

We started our week off strong on a Monday

No breakfast and straight to the gym for a morning cardio session

A light snack towards lunch time and back to the gym for some light lifting and more cardio.

At lunch we would normally eat a salad or some other extremely low calorie meal.

For dinner, we would find ourselves usually forcing down some other green vegetables with a sparse amount of carbs.

After all that, we would finally retire to our dorm rooms for a fitful night of sleep interrupted by nothing but the sound of our growling bellies.

We started our week off strong on a Monday

No breakfast and straight to the gym for a morning cardio session

A light snack towards lunch time and back to the gym for some light lifting and more cardio.

At lunch we would normally eat a salad or some other extremely low calorie meal.

For dinner, we would find ourselves usually forcing down some other green vegetables with a sparse amount of carbs.

After all that, we would finally retire to our dorm rooms for a fitful night of sleep interrupted by nothing but the sound of our growling bellies.

it was no joke...

We. Were. Starving.

Over the next 2 weeks, my girlfriend and I repeated this daily routine of pack our bags with gum to chew between every meal (to trick ourselves into feeling like we were eating) then:

After 2 weeks of this, you can imagine we had lost A LOT of fat

But our bodies were DYING for something to eat

Towards the end of our 2 weeks it felt like red flashing lights and alarm bells were going off in my head as my body BEGGED me for something nutritious to eat.

When we reached the end of our 2 weeks of starving ourselves, we ran to the student store and grabbed 2 jars of peanut butter for our celebratory meal.

If you would have seen us racing back across campus to our dorm cheering, you would have thought we were Vikings racing away from a village we had ransacked and claimed peanut butter as our spoils of war.

We barely made it through our dorm room door before we were scooping out fingerfuls of peanut butter, far too hungry to bother properly making a real meal for ourselves.

It didn’t take long before we had more peanut butter smeared across our faces than was left in the jars.

We had suffered for 2 weeks waiting to eat like real people again, and now we wore our peanut butter war paint with pride.

For a moment...

we were in complete bliss enjoying our moment of accomplishment

But only a few minutes later we were sprawled across our beds feelings sicker than we had ever felt.

After not eating nutritious food for so long, our bodies were punishing us for eating so much sugar and fat at one time. It felt like our stomachs were slowly being frozen in hot lava.

(I know, it didn’t make any sense to me either!)

We woke up the next morning with what I can only describe as a “food hangover” that made it next to impossible to get out of bed without wanting to throw up immediately…

But seeing our bodies without fat in the mirror made all the pain worth it…

...or so we thought.

The Peanut Butter Chronicles

Over the next few years in college, Lindsey and I repeated our pact dozens of times.

Every time we would lose weight due to our extreme diets and workouts, weight just seemed to pile back on our bodies faster.

And everytime the weight came back, we responded with our same 2 week extreme diet and workout plan AKA “the peanut butter pact”.

It always worked…for a time…

But at the end of every 2 weeks, we would have a massive binge eating session that would leave us with a food hangover for days.

Our goal was always to lose extra fat and tone up…

…but what we didn’t know is that we were slowly training our bodies to hold onto as much fat as possible every time we starved ourselves.

We thought we were the only girls in the world who felt like we couldn’t keep fat off no matter what…

But it turns out...

MILLIONS of women around the world struggle with this SAME PROBLEM

They wonder why it just gets harder and harder to keep fat off the more they try to lose weight.

At the time I didn’t know that the more you limit what you eat…

the easier it becomes to...

“Bottom Out” Your Metabolism

If you’re like most women, you haven’t been told about the dangers of limiting the amount of food you eat.

No one told you that extreme dieting can lead to long term negative side effects.

Well…one of these negative side effects is something I call “bottoming out” your metabolism.

What I mean when I talk about “bottoming out” your metabolism is that you are teaching your body to go into survival mode.

This is a very common problem that MILLIONS of people experience all over the world (especially women) because of extreme dieting.

And it makes sense too…

As women, we are taught to fit into perfect molds of what we “should” look like

When I was going to college, I looked at photoshopped models on the covers of Oxygen, Women’s Health, and Shape magazines…

Today, women are looking through their phone screens at photoshopped models on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok…

The problem hasn’t changed, just the format in which we consume these potentially harmful images.

And listen, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with magazines or social media pictures being out there in the world of photoshopped women. It’s other people’s rights to photoshop as much as they want…

…but it’s EASY to understand why millions of women have starved themselves (like me) chasing a “look” when so much misinformation is out there.

And here’s the really crazy part…

Starving yourself on extreme diets can actually make it MUCH harder for you to lose weight in the future

Let me tell you why…

What Is A “Bottomed Out” Metabolism, And What Can It Do To My Body?

A “bottomed out” metabolism is something that comes from starving yourself, overtraining with excessive cardio, and overall just having a lot of stress in your life.

Think about your body normally.

Food is simply energy for your body to use.

When you eat food your body uses it to help you perform your daily tasks like brushing your teeth, going for a jog, carrying 8 bags of groceries out of the store, etc.

And here’s the really crazy part…

Starving yourself on extreme diets can actually make it MUCH harder for you to lose weight in the future

Let me tell you why…

What Is A “Bottomed Out” Metabolism, And What Can It Do To My Body?

A “bottomed out” metabolism is something that comes from starving yourself, overtraining with excessive cardio, and overall just having a lot of stress in your life.

Think about your body normally.

Food is simply energy for your body to use.

When you eat food your body uses it to help you perform your daily tasks like brushing your teeth, going for a jog, carrying 8 bags of groceries out of the store, etc.

Did you know...

Your body uses a certain amount of calories to help perform these daily tasks

If you eat more calories than your body needs to function in a typical day, a normal person will gain weight.

If you eat less calories than your body needs to function in a typical day, your body will borrow energy from your fat stores and you will lose weight.

This is how the human body NORMALLY functions.

But this ALL changes when you bottom out your metabolism and force your body into survival mode.

So how does your body change with a bottomed out metabolism?

Think about what your body would do if you were in a real survival situation without enough food.

If you really were in danger of starving, your body would do what all animals’ bodies do and try to store as much energy as possible.

In other words,

your body will spend as little energy as possible…

…and try to hold onto as much body fat as possible so you have more energy reserves that will help you survive longer.

Makes sense, right?


What if I told you that your body can’t tell the difference between extreme dieting and a real survival situation?


If you’re anything like me and millions of other women around the world, you have done your best to lose weight by:

Always being in a calorie deficit…

Always working out…

And always eating “healthy” foods…


you’re likely STILL struggling to lose the weight you really want to lose

The reason why that happens is because women who do extreme dieting to lose weight essentially command their body to go into survival mode and hold onto AS MUCH FAT AS POSSIBLE.

So by trying to lose weight by limiting your calories…

You Can Accidentally Train Your Body To Gain Fat Faster And Easier!

And it all comes from bottoming out your metabolism.

Just think about what it would be like to eat a dessert for dinner on a night out, then waking up feeling like you’re gaining fat despite only having ONE dessert!

This is what it feels like to have a bottomed out metabolism.

So if you’re a woman who’s ever felt like you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try…

…there is a good chance you are suffering from a bottomed out metabolism just like me and so many of my clients have in the past.

trust me when i say...


If you’ve ever woke up in the morning feeling bloated and overweight…

If you’ve ever felt terrified to eat because you might gain weight…

If you’ve ever tried to go to bed starving to follow some strict “diet” to weight…

And if you’ve ever felt insecure, disappointed, upset, and angered by what you see when you look in the mirror…


Like millions of other women (me included), you have been LIED to by the women’s health industry.

These lies have caused you to gain weight, imbalance your hormones, cause mood swings, and affect your overall livelihood.


In just a moment I’m going to tell you how me and hundreds of my clients have overcome having a bottomed out metabolism to Arise in our lives.

But first...

How Do You Know If You Have A “Bottomed Out” Metabolism?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself…

Have you ever...

Felt like eating just one wrong meal caused you to gain weight?

Have you ever...

Had a binge day where you overate waaaaaay too much food late at night because you were so hungry?

Have you ever...

Gone to bed starving because you were on a diet?

Have you ever...

Been the “salad girl” who only orders salads no matter which restaurant you go out to eat at?

Have you ever...

Felt like, no matter how much cardio you do, you just can’t seem to lose weight?

hold on...

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions…

…then there is a good chance YOU ARE experiencing some form of a “bottomed out” metabolism.

But there is GOOD news.

Having a bottomed out metabolism is not permanent.

You can actually “retrain” your body to naturally shed excess fat with little to no effort so you can lose weight and maintain your figure without EVER having to go to bed starving again.

So if it’s ok with you…

It’s time for you to know the truth about how to overcome your bottomed out metabolism.

The Truth About...

How To FIX A “Bottomed Out” Metabolism So You Can Eat MORE Food And Burn MORE Fat

I first stumbled across this unique solution to fix my bottomed out metabolism a few years after I graduated college.

I hadn’t kicked my old habits to the curb yet and still wasn’t eating enough food to really sustain myself.

This was leading all sorts of negative effects like:

Vicious mood swings


Low energy

Reduced thinking power

IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight and keep it off!

Feeling tired

Not only that...

but I was noticing that it was much easier to GAIN weight back

No matter how extreme my workouts and diets became.

I was heavier than I had ever been and had no idea I was gaining weight because of how LITTLE I was eating.

At this time in my life I felt a food vampire straight out of the Twilight movies.

I knew that if I got just one taste of the food I really wanted, then I would turn into a glutton and eat all the food I possibly could.

I couldn’t control myself!

So since I was still stuck in the mindset that the only way to lose weight was to eat less food and exercise more

…I avoided all situations that would put me in a place where good food would be around me.

i Was Miserable

I had to refuse invites to neighborhood barbeques…

When my husband invited me out to dinner for date night, I had to ruin it every time by making sure the restaurant we went to had food I could eat…

I was becoming no more than a ghost that haunted our house while my husband went out into the world to actually enjoy his life…

I felt depressed…

I felt unworthy of getting the body I really wanted…

My relationship with my amazing husband started to get ugly…

And I started gaining EVEN MORE weight…

I was slowly spiralling down into a black abyss where there was no hope for change.

And just when I was about to hit the very bottom,

I finally decided to ask for help... I HAD To Find A Solution

I was tired of feeling drained and like a failure in every area of my life.

So I decided that I needed to get my health in order. And that’s when I hired my first (very expensive) fitness coach.

It was a scary financial investment at the time for me, but I knew something needed to change.

When our first training days came, I was expecting my coach to tell me how much harder I needed to work out…

Maybe to change my diet a little bit…

Alter my workout schedule to workout a few more times each week…

Little things like that.

So you can imagine my surprise when he told me, “Katherine, the #1 thing you need to do is just eat MORE food.”

I laughed. He had to be joking right? But his face was stern.

“I’m serious.” he said, “You’re not eating enough food and your body is trying to pack on fat so it can survive right now.”

It was hard for me to understand...

That eating less was causing me to gain more weight

But that one tip from my coach changed life forever.

Like most women I now work with:

But these were secrets I was missing!

the results speak for themselves

Just Look At The Difference In My Body Before And After My First Coach​

Before I was Working out 6-7x/week, eating mostly salad, marriage falling apart, depressed

Now, I’m Working out 3-4x/week, eating whatever I want (including cookies cream ice cream :p), amazing marriage, happier than ever before

These pictures are to show you that you do not have to choose between enjoying your life and staying in great shape.

Believe it or not...

It’s Possible To Enjoy Your Life, Spend Plenty Of Time With Friends, Take Care Of Your Family, AND Be In Great Shape!

So if you want to get in better shape than you’ve ever been in before…

…and live a happier life as a wife, mother, friend, and woman

…have a community of women to support you reaching your goals…

…eat foods you actually enjoy…

…and ARISE in every area of your life…

If you want that...

Then Pay Attention

I’m about to share with you the EXACT method I’ve used to help hundreds of my clients Arise in their life by:

Losing weight

Gaining health

Feeling happier

And becoming part of a community that lifts them up


right before we get to that…

This Is NOT For You If…

This Is ONLY For You If…


The Time To Arise Fitness Program

Soon after hiring my coach all those years ago and learning it was OK to actually eat foods I liked…

I struck off on my own to develop a fitness program with the power to change more than just my body. I wanted to change my life.

At the time, I had no idea I was laying the foundation for a movement of hundreds of women who would Arise with me.

Sometimes the good Lord just surprises you with things like that…

Over months of spending thousands of dollars on fitness programs, personal trainers, and fad diets…

Plus literally thousands of hours spent online researching how to lose weight healthily and naturally…

I Was Determined so...

I developed The Time To Arise Fitness Program to help women

Not only reclaim their bodies but ALSO transform their lives.

I called the program “Time To Arise” because, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, women who take this program shed their old skin and Arise as inspiring and beautiful new versions of themselves.

When I first started this program for myself back in 2014.

My marriage miraculously became more intimate and romantic…

Suddenly friendships I thought I had lost years ago were rekindled…

I became a mother and felt confident setting a good role model for my kids…

And every day...

I started waking up feeling happier and more joyful that I ever had in my life…

And women who go through this program report experiencing the SAME things.

April Lost 29.5 Inches Off Her Waist, 37 lbs, and Got off 1 of Her Blood Pressure Medications

April Purcell

Client Testimonial

Jennifer Physical Transformation has Helped Her Change Her Thinking And Overcome The Lies That Have Kept Her Prisoner

Jennifer Keene

Client Testimonial

Was Able To Get Off Her Lupus Medication, Lost 40 Lbs, And Blew Her Doctor Away

Megan Trivette

Client Testimonial

You may be wondering...

What Is The Time To Arise Fitness Program?

There are 4 equally important parts to The Time To Arise Fitness Program…

#1: Arise Magical Metabolic Method™

If you’re one of the millions of women that have tried to lose weight by constantly undereating…

…there’s a good chance you have a “bottomed out” metabolism.

What that means is that your metabolism is doing the best it can to put on MORE fat instead of burn it off.

To solve this problem, you are going to use my Magical Metabolism Meal Plan.

This meal plan is built to help you start working WITH your metabolism instead of always fighting against your metabolism.

This way your body can start to naturally burn fat so you can eat what you want and STILL lose unwanted body fat.

When you start using The Magical Metabolism Meal Plan, you will be given 3 full meals/day and 3 snacks/day.

That means no more starving yourself and forcing your metabolism into survival mode.

By eating more times per day, we are going to persuade your metabolism into burning fat on it’s own naturally because your body will be used to having food in your system.

And the greatest part about these meals is that YOU get to choose which foods you like to eat for each day!.

Let me explain…

With each full meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) you will get to eat 3x/day, you will get 20+ options for you to choose which foods best suit you.

For example, if the meal your Magical Metabolism Meal Plan calls for 8oz of salmon, 6oz of broccoli, and a side roasted potatoes…

You have the option to switch that meal out for 20+ different dishes!

And with each of your 1-3 snacks you will eat per day, you will get 10+ different snack options!

When you have so many options, you will NEVER have to eat foods that you don’t like just because you have to eat.

You may be thinking, “But Katherine, how am I supposed to eat that much food!?”

Great question.

If you’ve tried to diet in the past by reducing your calories so you are constantly in a calorie deficit, your body is adapted to surviving on small amounts of food. That can make it difficult to eat a lot of food in one sitting because your body is not used to having nutritious food.

But when you start eating more nutritious and good for you foods with the Magical Metabolism Meal Plan, you’ll find that your metabolism starts to function like a magician’s hat.

Whatever you eat just seems to disappear like a rabbit disappearing into a hat with the tap of a magic wand!

And don’t worry…

The meals you are going to make with the instructions of The Magical Metabolism Meal Plan are delicious!

Some other “fad meal plans” call for you to eat foods that taste like paper mache creations from your local pre-school.


If you’re eating foods you don’t like, you’re not on a sustainable meal plan.

This is why I’ve personally made all the meals in The Magical Metabolism Meal Plan for myself and my family to eat BEFORE I gave them to you.

Everything inside is food that my (very picky) husband and kids LOVE to eat.

And this is why you are going to love them as well.

#2: The Fire Body Transformation System

Part of Arising as a woman is to remind yourself every day that you are WORTH IT.

You are worth having a body that is FIT.

You are worth being STRONG.

You are worth being SELF DISCIPLINED.

You are worth it!

And that’s why you are going to get The Fire Body Transformation System delivered through our private Arise Fitness App.

While the Magical Metabolism Meal Plan will help you lose fat…

The Fire Body Transformation system will help you sculpt and shape your body into the woman you want to see in the mirror.

Here at Arise Fitness, me and my team custom build your Fire Body Workouts to help get you to YOUR specific goals.

Whether that means getting abs…

Toning your arms and legs…

Building your booty…

Or all of the above!

The Fire Body Transformation System is 100% built for YOUR specific goals.

What you get:

The Fire Body Transformation System is delivered to you through our personal Arise Fitness App.

This app comes with:

When you join the Time To Arise Fitness Program, we will build you an at-home or gym Fire Body Training Program that you will have 24/7 access to through the app on your phone.

Depending on your schedule, your workouts will be 3-5x each week and come with video demonstrations for each and EVERY workout demonstrated by me or one of my amazing Arise Fitness trainers.

To track your progress through the Arise App, you will submit a “Weekly Assessment”.

This assessment will ask you to give feedback on how you felt doing your exercises the past week so we can continue to update your program. At the end of the assessment you will take a progress picture and update it to the app so we can track your progress.

All together, the total assessment only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, but is SUPER important to help me and my team help YOU get great results.

Lastly, the app gives you direct 1-1 access to your coach so you always know that help is less than 24 hours away.

#3: Arise Weekly Zoom Calls

Learning is a huge part of getting the body you want.

I spent 24 years of my life thinking the only way to lose weight was to eat as little food as possible.

Thinking this way messed up my hormones…

Made me depressed and ruined my relationships…

And ultimately made it WAY easier for me to gain weight…

This only changed for me when I hired a coach and LEARNED about how my body actually works.

After I learned how my body worked, losing weight got EASIER than I ever thought it could be!

So, it’s very important for me to give you the opportunity to learn about your body instead of just doing the Fire Body workouts and The Magic Metabolism Meal Plan.

This is why every week you are going to get access to our Arise Weekly Zoom Calls.

On these calls me and my coaches will prepare presentations about:

The point of the Arise Weekly Zoom is first, to give you valuable information to help you get in better shape…

…but second (and arguably more important) is to give you a community of other supportive women where you can ask for help and make friends that may last you a lifetime.

In fact, a study from the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University found that the average person who signed up for a gym membership alone had a 43% dropout rate over the year.

But couples who signed up to the gym TOGETHER only had a 6.3% dropout rate over the course of the year!

So what does this mean?

Having people to work out with can DRAMATICALLY improve your results simply because it’s easier to get out of bed every morning and exercise when you know other Arise ladies are counting on you.

So yes…

My coaches and I will teach you A LOT on these Arise Weekly Zoom Calls.

But the big benefit you will get out of attending these calls every week will be getting familiar with your community. Asking questions. And becoming part of the Arise Tribe.

Each call will last about 60 minutes and consist of 30 minutes of content + 30 minutes of questions.

#4: Arise Fitness Team Members facebook group

Like I was just talking about above, community is everything.

But we only do Arise Weekly Zoom Calls 1x per week. For accountability to be effective, it needs to be an everyday thing.

That’s why we have the Arise Fitness Team Members Facebook Group.

Inside this group you will have 24/7 access to me, the Arise trainers, and every member of the Arise Fitness Community.

You will get 7x/week posts from me and the other Arise trainers, but also be encouraged to post in the group yourself to:

My clients that get the BEST results are the women that invest time in this Facebook Group to get to know other members.

Don't just take my word for it...

This is the exact method that has worked for hundreds of other women

Just take Malinda for example..

This gal is consistent!

She came to us in July with a desire to learn how to fuel her body, a goal of running a 1/2 marathon in a specific time, and to get leaner! Now she is well on her way to reaching those goals.

We created her meal plan and training program while checking-in with her and providing accountability through our Arise Fitness App. Through this program she has gained more energy and set two personal records on her 5k and 10k run times!

She is strength training daily and eating the right foods at the right times. She is eating more than ever and losing body fat!

It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

“My confidence has really grown. I went to a conference in January and I was speaking in front of a room of about 300 people when I realized that I wasn’t self conscious about my body or the way my clothes looked. The dress I wore for my graduation was made to my measurements and I picked it up on Monday. By Thursday it was slightly too big and my seamstress and I are thinking of taking it in again for the 4th time. I would have never worn a strapless dress a year ago, but these shoulders is looking right so Ima have them out!”

– Ngozi, Arise Tribe Member

And Carrie’s awesome results…

This photo says it all!

Carrie McKinney made a commitment to her health in March 2018 when joined the Airse Tribe and hasn’t looked back!

She stopped making excuses.

She stopped putting herself last.

She stopped worrying about what others in the gym thought.

She committed to loving herself.

And she committed to trusting the process.

Now look where she is!

Within just a few months of joining the Arise Tribe, she had lost a total of 39 pounds!

And the best part is that Carrie is only getting better at losing weight effortlessly.

the results speak for themselves

These are only a few of the HUNDREDS of women who have gotten amazing results in the Time To Arise Fitness Program

So will the program work for you?

If you are a woman who wants to lose weight, the answer is YES.

But because I want this to be a no-brainer decision for you…

When you schedule your call today to join the Time To Arise Fitness Program….

you’re going to get EVEN MORE...

with 2 additional bonuses!

BONUS #1: 1-1 Coaching Calls

Inside the Time To Arise Fitness Program, you will ALWAYS have access to your Arise trainers through your chat in the Arise Fitness App.

But sometimes a simple text isn’t quite enough, and we understand that.

This is why we are always ready to make time for 1-1 calls with you if you need help.

It may take a few days from time to time to set up a time slot to chat, but know that we will always be here for you when you join our program.

If you need help, ASK and we will make the time you need.

BONUS #2: semi-annual Meet n’ Greets With The Arise Family!

There’s something special that happens when your online relationships become in person relationships.

There’s an emotional flood that happens and bonds people for life.

I know because Pre-Covid, we started hosting Arise Semi-Annual Meet n’ Greets where our entire community would come together.

We worked out, had fun, and overall became a closer community.

The power of the events was beautiful, and that’s why I am committed to hosting as Meet n’ Greets as time allows.

Depending on Covid and other factors, we will be inviting you to join us and the rest of the Arise Family as soon as time allows 🙂

Be expecting the email invite soon!

Take a second...

Just Imagine…

What would change in your life if you were able to lose your excess weight and step into the body of your dreams WITHOUT starving yourself?

Would You...

Wake up every morning feeling proud of the body you’ve built when you look in the mirror?

Would You...

Have more confidence, drive, and determination to accomplish your goals?

Would You...

Be able to take a deep breath of relief and enjoy a real break that you need?

Would You...

Get to see that look of desire from your man’s eyes when you walk by?

Would You...

Finally feel refueled and excited to take on your day?

Would You...

Feel happier, more fulfilled, and accomplished in your dream body?

Would You...

Feel more respected by the people around you?

Would You...

Be able to ARISE in your life?

If you ask me or my hundreds of clients..

the answer is… “YES!”

How Much Is Making This Change Worth To You?

Yes, the Time To Arise Fitness Program is an investment of time, energy, AND money.

That being said, I actually believe that women who join my program end up SAVING more money than they would without this program.

Let me explain…

One of the most common side effects women experience from poor body image is EXTREME and LONG TERM STRESS.

That feeling of desperation you get when your jeans don’t fit…

The feeling of guilt when you can’t eat the food someone made for you…

The constant sucking in of your stomach throughout the day…

All of this is putting unneeded stress on your body

So what happens when you build too much stress?

Symptoms of stress include, but are not limited to:

Amazingly, in most cases ALL these problems can be mostly fixed by decreasing stress and getting healthy.

But the sad part is that most women try to solve these problems with temporary fixes like pills and doctor visits.


How Much Money Does Long Term Stress Really Cost You?


Most migraines are simple headaches that go away when you drink some water. But some people deal with chronic and extremely painful migraines.

Pharmaceutical companies have profited off this by selling dozens of different kinds of migraine medications.

Most of these pills cost between $15-$30 per bottle with enough pills to last about 1 month. But prescription migraines can skyrocket North of $800/bottle!

That’s crazy!

Especially crazy to think that by getting fit and easing your stress levels could cure migraines without prescription drugs.

Migraine Cost = Up to $800/month!


Did you know that according to The Harvard Mental Health Letter published in May of 2011, women are more than TWICE as likely as men to develop extreme depression?

It’s true.

I believe much of the reason for this is poor body image ideals pushed onto women.

We like to think that we always need to be thinner, sexier, curvier, more toned…

What happened to being HEALTHY?

While members of the Arise Family focus on their health and happiness, many women do not think of this as a priority…

This usually results in taking more pills like antidepressants that cost $30-$200/month.


Some women even do therapy sessions to help their depression that can range from $100 to over $1000 per hour depending on your treatment.

Cost of Depression = $30 to over $1000+/month!


Have you ever experienced anxiety about your body?

I know I have.

I used to hide in my house for days or weeks afraid of what other people would think about me if they saw me.

And when I HAD to leave the house, I was wearing my baggiest clothes so people couldn’t see my body.

It was a nightmare, and women deal with it all over the world.

A popular way to remedy anxiety has been to attend “healing sessions” of all sorts ranging from massages to meditations.

Attending healing sessions like this to ease anxiety can cost you HUGE amounts of money.

Massage sessions = $60-$120+/hour

Sound baths = $30-$65 per session

Yoga = $100-$200/month

Classic therapy = $500-$600/month

Cost of Anxiety from being unhealthy = $100 to $1000+/month!

Pregnancy and hormone issues

Women, far more than men, are affected by hormones in our bodies.

These hormones we naturally produce in our bodies like Estrogen, hCG, and hPL are heavily involved in pregnancy. There must be the right balance of hormones in your body to properly give birth to a healthy baby.

But stress produces a hormone called cortisol that can interfere with pregnancy.

That means that if you have high levels of stress, your body can produce hormones that make it HARDER to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

It’s terrifying to think that something like stress could negatively affect our babies.

Costs of at-home hormone therapy for women to correct imbalanced hormones range from $140-$240/month.

You could potentially pay much more than that to go to a private 1-1 session with a professional that could cost $10,000 or more.

Cost of pregnancy and hormone issues = Potentially $10,000+ dollars

Potential Total Cost Of Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, And Pregnancy/Hormonal Issues

Per Year!

These could be costs that you are already paying without even noticing it.


What If It Was Possible…

To cure migraines, ease depression and anxiety, and even balance your hormones for a FRACTION of the cost

All by simply learning to get healthy in a fitness and health program?

This is not a fantasy. In fact, it’s a REALITY that many of my clients have experienced first hand.

There’s a great quote from an unknown writer that goes…

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”
– Unknown

So the question to you is…

Do you really want to make a change and go somewhere?

Or… Are you content with where you are at?

If you are completely content, no problem.

You can exit out of this page right now.

But if you’re looking to step into your dream body and Arise in your life to have more confidence, happiness, and joy just like hundreds of other women have done…

Then schedule a free Arise Coaching Call with us now to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our fitness programs are tailored to you.

You may choose whether you would like to workout at home, at the gym, or maybe combo of both!

Everyone’s body is different, so it’s impossible to say you will start seeing results exactly 62 hours and 18 minutes into the program…

…but I’m confident you will FEEL a positive difference in 1 week or less.

Some clients have SEEN results in less than 2 weeks when they follow the program to a T.

We create your nutrition plan to allow you as much freedom as possible.

That means we allow you to be creative with your macros so you can almost always eat the foods you want.

But if you need more structure, we can help you craft your specific meal plan.

The honest answer is, “I don’t know yet.”

The reason why I can’t tell you exactly what the investment is is because we don’t know what YOU need yet.

You are a unique individual, and for us to build a program that works for you we have to get to know you first, THEN build your program for you.

But don’t worry…

Hundreds of women have joined the Arise Tribe because it’s very affordable for anyone who is serious about making a body transformation.

Many of our members actually SAVE money when they join the program because their health is so much better.


Because it’s custom made for you, you will not have to worry about eating foods that don’t work with your body.

Instead, the Magical Metabolism Meal Plan is built to work WITH you body.

Most likely not.

A lot of the recipes I’ll be giving you are family approved. Even my very picky 2 year old likes most of them!

This should give you the ability to make most meals for your whole family.

Yes. We’ve accepted many diabetics into the Arise Tribe over the years that have worked wonders.

Great question!

When you have PCOS your body is in a progesterone and testosterone dominated state. When this happens, one of the side effects is/can be insulin sensitivity or full-blown insulin resistance.

This means that sometimes we will have to adjust the number of proteins, carbs, and fats on your meal plan in order to help you get optimal results. We have helped, and are currently helping, MANY women who have PCOS and they are getting phenomenal results in the Arsie Tribe.


Women in menopause can be a tricky thing, but don’t worry…

There is hope for you!

When you schedule your call and join the Arise Tribe, we will ask a series of questions to find out where you are in your menopause journey.

Once we gather this information we will know just how to structure your proteins, carbs, and fats to ensure optimal results for you 🙂


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