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Can I Eat Out While Dieting

Eating out and FATLOSS. Is it possible to lose body fat AND eat out at the same time??

You don’t have to give up going out to eat or going out to eat with friends when trying to become healthier and lose weight/bodyfat. In fact, going out to eat while trying to achieve these goals will help you in the maintain your results in the long run (b/c you learn how to eat out healthfully) and will help you keep a healthy relationship with food! Here are some things to keep in mind:
-Foods that are typically healthy can be extremely¬†high in calories at a restaurant. Keep this in mind when ordering a salad. Everyone thinks a salad is healthy, but when you have it loaded with a ton of JUNK (fried meats, cheeses, dried fruit, etc) it becomes a calorie bomb. So, what’s the solution? Don’t be afraid to customize your order! Ask for dressings on the side or to hold certain toppings altogether.
-Don’t be afraid to order A La Carte. If you want to order a plain grilled chicken breast but don’t see it on the menu then ASK. Most of the time restaurants can make anything you ask for! When I go to Longhorn I will ask for a grilled chicken breast, broccoli w/o butter, and a baked potato w/o toppings. They don’t even bat an eye when I ask for that! Remember – YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT SO GET WHAT YOU WANT!!
-Don’t be afraid to ask for something to be grilled with less/no butter or oil. I will typically do this at a Mexican restaurant when I get chicken fajitas. I will ask it to be grilled with no butter or oil. Sometimes they look at me funny or give me a hard time. Then, I proceed to tell them I am allergic. Slight fib, BUT, it works and they wind up tasting JUST AS GOOD as the ones that are soaked in oil. Promise!
-When you are looking at the menu please keep in mind that this won’t be the last time you will ever eat at that restaurant. You don’t have to order the Extra Cheesy Buttery Fried Chicken with cheesy, buttery mashed potatoes and double battered French fries. You can come back and get that anytime you want! Changing your mentality when reviewing a menu to this instead of the “I can’t have that” mentality will really help you choose better options!
This is something we talk about with our clients and we even give them restaurant options on their plans! It is important to know that you CAN enjoy a meal out and still stay on track to reach your goals.
Hope this was helpful and maybe even set some of you free from that “can’t eat out b/c I have goals” mentality!
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