Arise week check
The scale should NEVER be your only variable of progress! That’s why we use 5-6 variables of MEASURABLE progress!
It’s normal for our weight to fluctuate throughout the day, throughout the week. It’s NORMAL.
Stop being obsessed with the scale.
If you swipe, you will see where Ashley’s weight started to fluctuate. She was consistently dropping pounds for a few weeks, then one week she went from 197.2  199.6. That’s UP 2.4 lbs.
Stop letting a number on the scale ruin your day. Your weight will ALWAYS fluctuate so it’s time to accept that!
Take a step back and look at your overall progress. Look at your measurements, look at the way you feel in your clothes, look at your energy levels, start looking at how well you perform during your workouts.
We are beyond proud of Ashley! In 4.5 months, she has
Lost 26 lbs
Lost 2.75 inches- arm
Lost 9 inches- chest
Lost 9.5 inches- waist
Lost 9 inches- hips
Lost 8 inches- thighs
She did not get these results with a 24 day “challenge”. She did not get these results in a 4 week “challenge”.
She got these results by..
Following macros and not being restricted from certain foods
Lifting HEAVY weights
Taking rest days
Being Consistent and not perfect
Understanding that she doesn’t need to do hours of cardio to get results, in fact she hasn’t done any cardio throughout this entire journey
Understanding that she doesn’t have to eat like a rabbit to lose weight
Understanding that she doesn’t have to live in the gym 7 days a week to get results
YOU can still live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and reach your goals without cutting out your favorite foods out.
Stop wasting time being unhappy! Start your journey NOW!
Make a change = happy
Don’t make a change = continue to be unhappy
We say take ACTION. 👊