I’ve been with Kat since late March 2017 for the accountability/macro plan. She’s helped me repair my damaged metabolism, in which I had to eat more food than I’ve ever eaten for about 3-4 months. She slowly increased my food and now we are now decreasing the amount of food that I eat. I’m very pleased with the awesome results I’ve seen. Arise incorporates an app in which you can communicate with Kat and update your progress. You can also log your workouts as well! Kat has tested my patience in the very beginning of this journey. I trust Kat 100% and look forward to where she will take me. If you need accountability, guidance and gains, then Arise Fitness is where you should be!
Amanda White
Kat G. and the whole team is a community that I believe in. The response time is quick, there is constant feedback, and my questions always get a response. I haven't believed in a program in awhile and Kat, the clients, and Arise are amazing.
I am incredibly pleased with my results from Arise Fitness. Kat customized a meal plan and exercise program exclusively for me and updated it accordingly when needed. She is super supportive and always encouraging. She is always willing to answer any questions or concerns you have. She offers daily check ins, easy ways to track your progress and connects you with her fitness community through the Arise Fitness app. If you are looking for a team to take you to the next level, this is it.”
Autumn Elizabeth
"I joined the Arise family in March of 2018. 9 Months later, I am down over 50lbs and countless inches. Kat’s knowledge in Macro Nutrition, Weight Training and ability to listen is truly exceptional. I trust her and her plan 100%. I never thought eating more food would result in reshaping my body, but it did. I have a pretty busy lifestyle and she was able to customize my meals and workouts around it. Through the Arise App, Kat was always there to answer any question at any time and hold me accountable. Her “No Excuse” mentality kept pushing me to achieve my best. As long as you are willing to follow her advice and the plan she gives, there is no reason you cannot be successful in hitting your goals. The Arise Plan will definitely change your lifestyle for the better!!"
J. Chick