Susie Haynes

I can’t begin to express my gratefulness to Katherine. She’s an amazing trainer & person! If it weren’t for her, I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have come as far as I have. She genuinely cares for people & their wellbeing.

Susie began with Arise 4 years ago and since then has lost countless inches, pounds of body fat, gained strength, and has competed in an SNBF Bikini Competition.

Rebecca Veal

Katherine has been awesome helping me reach my goals!! I initially approached her for help reversing out of competition prep, and to help me focus on areas that needed growth for my next competition. She created a diet and exercise program customized specifically for me, she checked in with me daily to make sure I was progressing like I should, and she is always available to address any concerns I may have!! Her hands-on approach is just what I was looking for. She is the best, and she can help you reach any goal you are striving for!!

Bobby Davis

At the end of last year I made the decision to take my fitness to the next level. I had made this same commitment to myself many times throughout my years in the gym and had achieved only mediocre results. Someone very close to me had been working with Arise over the previous 12 months and I had been amazed with what I witnessed. With this in mind a reached out to Katherine and told her what I wanted. Her response was simple, “let’s get started”.

From day one I knew this was something different. Over the next six months I shaved off 30 pounds of dead weight. This was an achievement all on its own but the best part was that all the measurements went in the “right” direction. My body fat went from 22% to 14% and I lost 6 inches in my waist. Even better I gained size in my arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. For the first time in my life I have a six pack of abs!

The sincere commitment Kat has demonstrated to me and my goals has been inspiring. She stresses consistent and honest communication as keys to her program and definitely keeps up her end of the bargain. As my body changed and adapted so has the program.

I never imagined that I would be this fit at this stage of my life. I can’t possibly express enough thanks and gratitude to Katherine and the entire Arise team. Most of all, I can’t wait to see what my future with Arise holds.

Rhonda Davis

My 2017 transformation has earned me a body I never thought I would have. I am a great example of what REALLY happens to women who weight lift. Despite popular opinion, I did not grow big or bulky. I have toned my body, stripped fat and developed lean muscle mass. This change is so much more than just physical. I am an extrovert combined with a painfully introverted shyness that I have struggled with for years. Lifting weights and transforming my body has helped me look people in the eyes now excited about the way I look. Weight lifting is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Renee McCarty

Renee began September 25 with Arise and is down 60 total inches! She has lost 17.5 inches in her waist, almost 17 in her hips, over 17 inches in her mid-thigh measurement and 8.5 inches in her arm measurement. She is down 33 pounds total. This girl is unstoppable! Here is what she has to say about her experience with Arise Fitness.

“I’ve struggled with my weight for years. I’ve tried most everything to lose weight and keep it off. I found ways to lose, but the weight always seemed to find its way back. Arise Fitness has given me hope. My Arise program works for me. It has taught me discipline, how to enjoy my food, how to be consistent, even when I have an ‘off’ day. Arise Fitness has given me more strength than I could ever imagined I would have. I’m stronger. I feel better. And, I want to keep pushing. Arise Fitness has allowed me to conquer exercises and achieve goals that I never thought were possible for me.”

Stacy Byrd

I am so thankful for Arise Fitness! I had been working hard in the gym on my own, getting nowhere. After signing up with Katherine’s expertise with nutrition and training, I can finally say I am “getting there”! She is knowledgeable, available, and holds you accountable! I would recommend Arise Fitness to anyone who is serious about their health!

Carrie McKinney

This client has done the work. She has pressed in when she felt like quitting. She has endured. She has overcome. She has conquered. 1 year ago she joined Arise Fitness with a goal of being her best self – to be completely healthy from the inside out. It has been one year and this girl has done just that! She recently had her blood work done this year and all of her blood work is now PERFECT. She is no longer pre-diabetic. She is no longer at risk for a stroke or a heart attack. She is healthy! She has also lost a total of 49.1 lbs and lost well over 20 inches on her body. We decided to do one final push this year and she entered the Redcon1 Readiness Trials. She committed to a 12 week challenge. I told her I was going to treat her like a competitor and she didn’t bat an eye. We got started and she lost 19.6 pounds in 12 weeks and even spent 1 week of the 12 weeks on a cruise vacation. The last two weeks she went thru some really hard things in her personal life but did not give up! Carrie, I am SO SO SO PROUD of your hard work.


Kristen Hallett

Client 1

1) My relationship to food has changed. I’m fine saying no to certain foods because they don’t fit on my meal plan or waiting to have them during my cheat meal day. I know what foods work with my body and which ones don’t and I’m willing to make adjustments based on making my body feel good instead of feeding my emotions.


2) I take responsibility for my choices. If I decide to eat 100% on plan I am owning staying committed to my goals. When I eat off plan or eat then I’m owning the effects it has on my fitness goals. I don’t apologize for my eating habits. My food choices are what I have to do in order to accomplish my goals. 


3) My workouts are priority. I have to confess that I hate starting a new workout plan every month because I hate change. I am fascinated by seeing myself get stronger in the gym. I remember when 10lbs seemed like so much weight and now I’m benching with 35lbs. 


4) My confidence has really grown. I went to a conference in January and I was speaking in front of a room of about 300 people when I realized that I wasn’t self conscious about my body or the way my clothes looked. The dress I wore for my graduation was made to my measurements and I picked it up on Monday. By Thursday it was slightly too big and my seamstress and I are thinking of taking it in again for the 4th time. I would have never worn a strapless dress a year ago, but these shoulders is looking right so Ima have them out!

Client 2

  • Has lost a total of 52 pounds and dropped pants and shirt sizes.

Client 3

  • Only a 10lb difference between these photos. Has lost body fat, while maintaining and even gaining muscle mass.

Client 4

Shortly after I competed in a few figure competitions I began to have a hate hate relationship with food! I’ve always exercised but struggled with staying on track with food! I decided this year I would change my outlook on food. I tried to make changes myself but it just wasn’t enough. I needed someone to hold me accountable and that’s when I decided to contact Katherine with Arise! Although I have lost just 10lbs I feel great! Yes, my body has made some good changes but I absolutely feel in control and have a new love for ALL foods! I love my work-out plans so it’s easy for me to make it to the gym! I’m always excited to see my new programming every month. I’ve learned that staying on track with healthy eating is much easier when I’m on track with my work-out program. They go hand N hand!

Client 5

  • This man came to Arise in hopes of being in the best shape of his life by his 50th birthday. Well, he did it! He worked hard, stuck to the training program, ate in accordance with his meal plan, and communicated with me daily. He was even able to eat out at restaurants on his plan. If he wasn’t sure what to order, he would text me or call to make sure he made the best possible choice. Watching his physique transform was truly inspiring. He gained muscle, lost fat, and is currently maintaining the progress he made.

Client 6

I have been an avid exerciser for all of my adult life but have never seen results like I have with Arise. The workouts were designed for me around my goals and with the equipment I have available. This personal attention and accountability has helped me yield amazing results and reach my fitness goals. I highly recommend Arise Fitness to everyone!

Client 7