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The Role Positive Self-Talk Plays In Reaching Your Fitness Goals

How many times have you criticized your body today? How many times have you thought about the parts of your body you hate today? Really think about it. What have you told yourself that created a downward spiral of emotions? What words have you spoken over yourself that made you feel like a failure or made you feel unworthy? Write each of those things down.

Have them written down? Good. Now, cross out the negative words in red and write in a positive word. Instead of the word ‘hate’ write the word ‘love’. Instead of the phrase ‘I really wish I looked like…’ replace it with ‘I am thankful I look like…’ Continue doing this until you have recreated every negative thought into positive self-talk that inspires confidence, value and self-worth.

Okay, so, what’s the point? The point is when we constantly speak critically of ourselves we begin to believe every lie that is spoken and it becomes a part of our identity. When we think of ourselves in this negative light nothing ever changes and nothing ever seems to change. We are like hamsters on a wheel – working so hard but getting nowhere.

I did this to myself for years. Every time I looked in the mirror I managed to find something I wanted to change about myself. And guess what? It never changed. The more critical I was of myself the uglier I became. Sound familiar? I thought so.

For years, I defeated myself because of my own thoughts. I became comfortable in my thinking and believed that I was who I thought I was. Then, there came a day, when I was fed up. I threw up my hands and cried for help. It was at that moment I understood I had a choice. I could choose to wallow in my negativity, or I could be brave, and begin to love myself for the woman God created me to be! With each day that passed change began to occur. Here are 4 ways positive self-talk could help you in reaching your fitness goals.

  1. Strength and Endurance increase as the “I can’t” mentality decreases.
    • You will notice an increase in strength and endurance with every workout. With each training session, you become stronger, more powerful and more excited to train.
  2. Confidence supervenes.
    • Suddenly, as if out-of-nowhere, you will look in the mirror and say “go on girl!” Confidence rises when you tell Negative Nancy she is not welcome anymore.
  3. Change begins to occur.
    • And, then, something amazing happens. Your body starts to respond. Proverbs 16:24 says, “Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the mind and healing to the body.” How true is that scripture!
  4. Freedom
    • Through this process, you learn the mind is a powerful, powerful tool that can hinder you from reaching your goals or help you in reaching your goals. The moment you realize you have a choice to choose one thought over another you are no longer a slave to your thoughts. You, my friend, are FREE!

I encourage you to discipline your mind in 2017. Choose thoughts that are healing to your body – thoughts that make you feel loved, appreciated, beautiful, valuable and worthy. Because, after all, you ARE all those things!