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Owner - Online Coach/Personal Trainer

It all started with gymnastics. I became a gymnast at an early age and spent countless hours in the gym. Somewhere around the seventh grade, I became burned out and decided to pursue another sport I fell in love with – volleyball. I was clearly a one-sport woman, devoting my heart, soul, mind and body to one thing. I had a burning desire to succeed and an unmatched discipline to do so from an early age.

After a brutal ACL tear my junior year of high school, I decided if I was going to be immobile for 6 months I had to do something so I wouldn’t become out-of-shape. This is when I fell in love with “fitness”. By my sophomore year of college I had hired 3 personal trainers just so I could learn more about strength training and became an AFAA certified personal trainer myself. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. Even though my passion was fitness, I decided I could use this degree to help educate, motivate and encourage my clients.

When CrossFit really took off several years ago, I began dabbling in the sport. I loved and appreciated it because of its gymnastics aspect. I decided to pursue my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and began coaching CrossFit in Macon, GA. My love for specific muscle group training and pure iron remained so eventually I decided to return to my first love. CrossFit has its place in my training now, but I stick to mostly specific muscle groups. I am a nationally qualified NPC Women’s Physique competitor with a desire to earn my pro card and eventually plan to compete in the IFBB.

The more I train the more I realize my passion for helping people become healthier, more confident individuals. Throughout my personal fitness journey I have fought the battle of low self-esteem and won. I have fought the battle of constant self-criticism and won. I have fought the battle of unhealthy obsession and came out victorious. I know what it means to be healthy and fit without deprivation.

My desire is to teach this to every client I encounter. Being healthy is not just a physical manifestation of the body. Good health manifests itself mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. I am committed to looking at the entire picture of health for every client and am dedicated to producing results.

I am currently an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, have a CrossFit Level 1 Certification and am currently pursuing a sports nutrition certification.