The services we provide are designed to take the guess work completely out of your nutrition and training while providing 24/7 accountability to you through our Arise Fitness App. Ever heard people say they want to have a trainer follow them around and slap the bad food out of their hand or make them go workout? If that sounds familiar, our program is for you. Our programs are designed to hold you 100% accountable to creating a lifestyle change that will get you the results you desire.

Katherine was a personal trainer for 10 years before beginning this online training program. Her online clients have experienced a much higher success rate because of the accountability this program provides. Hiring a personal trainer full time, at 3 or more times per week, would cost upwards of $300/month. Our 3 program options are affordable and you won’t have to sacrifice value or quality.

  • Training Program + Accountability: $125/month
  • Monthly Meal Planning + Accountability: $175/month
  • Monthly Meal Planning + Training Program + Accountability: $250/month

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