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Have you ever...

Lost weight just to gain it all back a few weeks later?

Have you ever...

Felt like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to lose weight without ever getting the results you really wanted?

Have you ever...

Felt like you had to choose between living your life OR staying in shape?

You Are Not Alone...


My name is Katherine Gonzalez (Coach Kat) and I am the CEO of Arise Fitness

I call our company Arise Fitness because I believe it is possible for you to ARISE in your life without sacrificing the things you love.

It is possible to:

Why do I believe this is possible?

Because myself and hundred of my clients have already done it! And now I want to show you how you can do the SAME THING

…where I will teach you what a bottomed out metabolism is and how I teach my clients to overcome it so they can transform their body and arise in every other area of their life.

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